Lunch Program
For those children in our lunch program, Brooklin Mill Montessori School is pleased to offer nutritious and child-friendly lunch and snacks. Our lunches are provided by Choice Children's Catering, a family-owned local business with over 20 years experience successfully serving the needs of children in school settings. Choice Children's Catering is owned and operated by John and Patricia Tomas. John is a Registered Dietitian with a university degree in Nutrition / Biochemistry. Under his guidance, Choice Children's Catering meets high nutritional standards and provides healthy alternatives for children with food allergies or special needs. More importantly, the menu items appeal to the child's eye and sensitive taste buds.

Our lunch period extends from 11:45 a.m to 12:30 p.m. We post 2 weeks of menus on our school bulletin board for your convenience when meal-planning. Snacks are presented at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Children are encouraged to drink water with snack. Snacks will no longer be provided during the before and after school Campus Club program. Children are welcome to bring a before or after school snack, with the provision that foods be nut-free choices that promote good nutrition and dental health.

Our lunch program is optional for children in the Senior Casa and Elementary classes. (As a requirement of Ministry licensing, we must provide lunch for children younger than 'Junior Kindergarten' age if they attend a full-day program.) We promote healthy eating habits by offering foods from each of the food groups in Canada's Food Guide and limiting the children's intake of salts, sugars, and fats. We are confident that a lunch from home will also nurture these healthy habits and with dental health in mind, we ask that you eliminate sweet treats from the lunch bag.

As our kitchen is dedicated to our lunch service, refrigeration and/or reheating facilities are not readily available to children bringing lunch. If your child is bringing lunch, kindly provide an insulated lunch bag with an ice pack or thermos to keep foods at the appropriate temperature until consumed.

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