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“Thank you for running such a kind and gentle school.  It is the perfect environment for curious and impressionable little minds.” - Dr. & Mr. Archer

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Withdrawal / Refund Policy

A full refund of the security deposit and release from the new school year financial commitment will be provided for withdrawals pertaining to an upcoming school year if written notice is received prior to June 1st, unless an extension has been granted in writing.  For notice received after June 1st and before the first day of school, a refund of the security deposit will only be provided if a child on the waiting list accepts your vacated position.

During the first term of the school year, (i.e. before February 1st), a family may withdraw a child from the School without further obligation to pay school fees, provided that written notice of an intended withdrawal (partial or total) is given to School Administration at least one month in advance of the withdrawal date.  In the event that written notice is not provided, one month’s school fees will be forfeited in lieu of notice.  Please note that upon withdrawal, any discount for lump sum prepaid fees will no longer be valid and your refund will be calculated as if full fees applied for the school year. 

Withdrawals during the second term of the school year (i.e. February 1st or later) are not eligible for refund of the security deposit or release from the financial obligation for school fees covering the duration of the school year, unless an exception is granted at the discretion of the School Director.

The School reserves the right to request a child’s withdrawal for any one of the following reasons:
1)    Failure to abide by the School’s policies or the Enrolment Agreement;
2)    If the child’s behaviour is extremely disruptive to the well-being of the class at large, in the opinion of the child’s teacher and School Principal;
3)    If the child’s parents fail to support the School’s teaching philosophy and administrative decisions.

In the event that the School requests a child’s withdrawal, a full refund of the security deposit and pro-rated refund of the month’s fees will be issued based on the actual date of withdrawal.

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