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“Thank you for running such a kind and gentle school.  It is the perfect environment for curious and impressionable little minds.” - Dr. & Mr. Archer

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Formal Parent/Teacher Interviews & Report Cards

The orientation and ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting will be our first opportunity to share goals and objectives for the upcoming year.  For children in our Foundations and PreCasa classes, a daily written record is provided to communicate eating, sleeping, and toileting observations.  We will invite all parents to a parent-teacher meeting in late fall to compare notes on the adjustment of your child to the program, to provide progress feedback, and to ensure our expectations are consistent.  There will be 3 formal written progress reports and further invitations to an interview with the teachers scheduled in January.  In addition to ongoing informal progress updates provided through Transparent Classroom, the written reports will provide you with insight into your child’s development and accomplishments in the classroom.

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