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“Thank you for running such a kind and gentle school.  It is the perfect environment for curious and impressionable little minds.” - Dr. & Mr. Archer


PreCasa Classes

  • An introductory Montessori program for toddlers and pre-schoolers aged 18–30 months.

  • Our ratio of one educator for every 5 students helps children build trust and confidence in relationships with teachers and peers.

  • Attendance is scheduled on a 5 day per week basis to provide the consistency and structure of predictable routines and classmates.

  • The class provides a safe and nurturing learning environment to develop what Dr. Montessori called the child's "absorbent mind".

  • With a focus on the development of social interaction, language, and self-help skills (including toilet-learning), we guide our ‘freshmen’ toward success in a classroom community.

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