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“Thank you for running such a kind and gentle school.  It is the perfect environment for curious and impressionable little minds.” - Dr. & Mr. Archer


Supporting Self-Regulation in Children

Our Montessori classes encourage self-regulation through the interactive community of children and learning materials that productively engage the mind and body.  As a result, teacher intervention in the self-directed Montessori learning environment is not often required. When children do demonstrate the need for adult support in self-regulation, we use the following methods: 

Mediation : Where the teacher and / or another student talks with the child, explains the problem, helps the child to identify appropriate solutions or alternatives, and supports the child in carrying out alternative or corrective actions; 

Time “In”: where the child is demonstrating the need for adult support, the child stays with a teacher who guides their activity together.  The child may be encouraged to problem-solve, make an alternate choice or do something that the teacher knows will calm and re-centre the child.  Once the child is ready, the child and teacher will review the class community expectations and the child will be guided to return to self-directed activity; 

Administration Assistance: where the teacher refers the child or situation to the School Administration in the case of a serious or recurring problem.  The school leadership will take this opportunity to observe and investigate why this problem exists, and may engage parents and other resources in developing strategies and solutions.

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